On last Tuesday (22 / 1), the first draft of HTML 5 work commanded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) officially begins. An estimated version of HTML 5 in which also will manage the application programming interfaces to control audio and 2D video content will be completed in 2010.

Further, Tim Berners-Lee who is the first version of HTML-makers, as well as director of the W3C says, “Ticket price is a very important standard. I am therefore very pleased to see a variety of community developers, including browser and vendors can work together to realize a basic new web creation. To collect and make all parties can work together is a difficult job, because it is a challenge to balance the existing innovation with ideas and ideals of each “.

Making HTML 5 is planned to be focused on data storage client-side which allows the user to be able to edit files interactively.

News of the HTML 5 this project first came from vendors like Microsoft who has been stressed out loud about browser interoperability. In December of last month Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has successfully passed his Acid2 Browser Test. Acid2 Browser Test itself is one part of the Web Standards Project. Microsoft’s success in the Acid2 Browser Test Microsoft is testament to its commitment to interoperability, standards compliance and backwards compatibility.