There are a few things to watch out for users ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) to avoid action Skimmer.

1. Use ATMs located in bank branches or close to the security, avoid ATMs in remote locations, even to the remote ATM does not have to queue.
2. Use the ATM space really safe and away from the people is not known.
3. If possible, use ATMs in the same location as often as possible so it will look if there is a change.
4. Observe the ATM surroundings and alert when he entered the ATM room. Notice if there is something strange about the ATM machine such as scratches, stains, tape, glue and former matters more suspicious.
5. Note the ATM machine where you make a transaction, if any equipment or surveillance cameras Skimmer. If there is a suspicious object in the mouth of an ATM, report it immediately to the relevant Bank.
6. Do not easily believe the people who claimed to be a bank employee at the ATM machine.
7. Alert to people who ask for help to transfer money to accounts you do not know.
8. When entering a PIN at the ATM, cover with your finger
9. Keep your card and PIN, and PIN number jJangan noted elsewhere, including the ATM card is used for vulnerable people when lost and do not ever let your ATM PIN to others.
10. Avoid using your PIN number from the date of birth or other number associated with the ATM user.
11. Make sure you reload an ATM card after the transaction.
12. Do not leave a paper receipt at the ATM machine.
13. If the card is stuck or can not go out on your own, leave it out because other people can not use a PIN without knowing it.
14. When the machine swallowed the card, contact your bank to block the accounts concerned.
15. If the missing ATM card you can contact via phone or come to the card issuer branch offices.

Another thing to remember is:
1. If this incident had happened to you, then do not panic, as soon block the ATM card and immediately report to the nearest police office.
2. The perpetrators are often launched Skimmer action on the holiday so victims can not directly contact the Bank of the ATM in question.
3. Do not indiscriminate contact telephone number on behalf of the bank. Save the official phone number and address of your bank office.
4. Be careful with FALSE TELEPHONE NUMBER sticker taped to the ATM as if it is Telephone Number Telephone Number Original from the relevant bank. If you call this phone number should never give your ATM PIN data and other personal data.